Fall Gales and Historic Gables

Image by Jared Charney 

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The House of the Seven Gables has inspired and instilled wonder in many for decades. Their story starts back in 1668 when Salem Sea Captain and Merchant John Turner I and his wife Elizabeth built The House of the Seven Gables. Through family lineage the house came to be known more widely by the famed author Nathaniel Hawthorme who visited his cousin’s Susanna’s home, and has given credit to the house as inspiring the home in the famous 1851 novel “The House of the Seven Gables”. For more than a century, The House of the Seven Gables has been a welcoming, thriving, historic site and community resource that engages people of all backgrounds in their inclusive American story. 

Image by Frank C Grace 

The literary and historic significance of this home can’t be overstated, but it is also a sought after destination to visit here in Salem, MA. If you are visiting for the first time the Mansion Tour Package ticket will give you a full swath and tour of what the home and grounds represent. Secret stairways, opulent wallpapers, and oceanfront views leaves each patron with fond memories until their next visit. The Fall is a gorgeous time to visit The House of the Seven Gables with multicolored warm toned New England leaves framing the peaks of each esteemed gable and contrasting the dark historic paint of the building. The House of the Seven Gables is an iconic destination year round, but with Fall, comes a lineup of spooky and historic events to take us into the Autumnal season. 

Image by Christo Tsaiaras

Lean into the spine-chilling spooky atmosphere that comes with Salem, MA in October. The House of the Seven Gables has a wonderful lineup of spooky seasonal events that will fright and excite any patron brave enough to go. Keep reading to find out more!

Haunted Fables at the Gables

October 4th – 10th

Join Salem’s master storyteller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, for a frightful evening of thrills and chills in the gloomy shadow of The Gables! The famous author performs his most frightening tales, as well as the terrifying works of fellow writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Stories include The House of the Seven Gables, The Cask of Amontillado, Annabel Lee, Young Goodman Brown, The Raven, and more. Experience the greatest Gothic horror stories ever written, brought to life by one of the authors himself!


Tales of the Macabre 

October 15 – 29

​From Connecticut to Maine, from Baltimore to London, Jennifer has honed her craft on both sides of the Atlantic. A living history playwright, First-Person Interpreter, performer and speaker over the past nineteen years, she has created an army of characters. This October in collaboration with The House of the Seven Gables Jennifer whips up another maudlin Victorian performance. From Poe to Irving with a dash of Dickens this is once unique experience you won’t want to miss!

Deamonologie: Sinew & Soul

October 23rd – November 3rd

It is 1794 and Americans lust after the bounties of their newfound freedom. Harvard Medical students, eager to get ahead of their soft European counterparts, will do anything to succeed. Chief among them is Jon, driven to cure his dying sister. 

Sinew & Soul is the fourth Daemonologie exploring social change, gender, and the supernatural: bodily autonomy, identity, gender roles, class, scientific and medical ethics, and the power to decide one’s own fate. 

Intramersive’s open world, interactive theater encourages audiences to engage with the events around them. Audiences decide the story but don’t have to run the house.

Intramersive Media LLC is a queer, female owned and run company that believes in consent forward practices and fair sustainable practices.

Please be aware that tickets for October 1-15, 2023 will be released on September 4 for the general public. Tickets for October 16-31, 2023 will be released on September 19 for the general public for the House of the Seven Gables. Plan ahead and purchase your tickets in advance to reserve your spot.