Psychics, Fairs & Séances

From tarot readings to palm readings, plus nightly séances, look into your future during your visit to Salem Haunted Happenings.

Crow Haven Corner
Crow Haven Corner Psychic Faire
Crow Haven Corner, SALEM’S OLDEST WITCH SHOP, invites you to our Psychic Fair! Specializing in Tarot, palmistry, and mediumship! LORELEI, THE LOVE CLAIRVOYANT, includes magical...
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Leanne Marrama at Pentagram
Renowned Witch and High Priestess, Leanne Marrama is working in Salem as a psychic medium. Her warm, approachable spirit and sense of humor make her...
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OMEN: Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium
Omen is more than a destination. It is a journey. Receive the guidance of a gifted psychic medium. Browse the largest selection of occult books...
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Salem Séance
Attend an authentic séance hosted by gifted psychic mediums and contact your loved ones on the other side!  
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The Annual Psychic Fair & Witchcraft Expo
Get a true psychic reading at Salem’s largest psychic fair with gifted psychics offering tarot cards, palmistry, mediumship and more! Open daily in October. Learn more...
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Timothy Reagan at Pentagram
Psychic Timothy Reagan will help you to navigate through life’s trials and triumphs. Timothy will guide and aid in all areas,including relationships, career and health....
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Yulia Applewood at Hex
A natural medium and psychic with 20+ years of experience. Yulia provides clients with comfort, clarity and empowerment for the future.
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