Salem Haunted Happenings

Welcome to Salem Haunted Happenings, the largest celebration of Halloween in the world! Salem is excited to welcome more than a half-million visitors to the parties, parades, vendor fairs, walking tours, museums, attractions, and special events. Plan ahead, put on your costume, and join us for a month that is steeped in history, haunts, and a bit of magic.

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About Salem Haunted Happenings

In 1982, the Salem Chamber of Commerce and the Salem Witch Museum planned the first SALEM HAUNTED HAPPENINGS FESTIVAL during Halloween weekend.

The festival was an effort to provide family-friendly events for guests who were interested in visiting the “Witch City.” With about 50,000 guests in attendance in its first year, the annual event continued to grow each season, drawing everyone from families, couples, history buffs, and Halloween enthusiasts worldwide.

Fun Facts

House of 7 Gables


Whether you are planning a visit to Salem this October or you are already here, you may be curious about why Salem is so synonymous with Halloween.



Information on road closures, Mayor’s Night Out, and more.

Walking Tours

Hocus Pocus

Are you coming to run Amok? Click here for Hocus Pocus-themed events and locations.

Haunted Happenings Brochure

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We are seeing double today! Haunted Happenings 2022 was a celebration for the ages. We are looking forward to this coming October’s festivities. Check out for all things trip inspiration 💀

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We thought we would grace your timeline with this both adorable and magical throw back from last year`s How-o-wheen Pet Parade. Are you already thinking about the upcoming 2023 season? We most certainly are 🦮 🎃

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