Witch Pix Photo Tips & Tricks for Salem Haunted Happenings

Witch Pix offers a unique witch costume photo shoot experience right here in Salem, Massachusetts. With no better time to embrace your inner witch than during Salem Haunted Happenings, we’re sharing tips to help you make the most of your next shoot. Grab your broom and keep reading ahead of your visit to Witch Pix, and be sure to tag @witchpix and @hauntdhappnings so we can see your photos!

Witch Pix Costumed Photo Shoot Witch Cottage Set

Book your appointment in advance

The same advice can be said for many attractions and events during Salem Haunted Happenings, but to ensure you’ll have time to get in a photo shoot at Witch Pix, we recommend making an appointment. October is the busiest month of the year downtown, and guests with appointments will have priority service over walk-ins at the studio.

Advance reservations are even more important for an October trip if you are visiting with a larger group. At Witch Pix, it is strongly recommended that groups of six people or more book ahead. Have a group larger than 10? For parties of 10-13, advance bookings for private sessions are required, (same day appointments cannot be guaranteed). Groups larger than 13 are advised to contact Witch Pix to make arrangements for their shoot at (978) 745-2021.

Plan enough time to arrive in Salem

We would hate for you to miss your photo shoot, or any other activities you may have planned for October in Salem! Arrive early, especially if you are driving and need to find parking. Witch Pix recommends checking in 5-10 minutes ahead of your appointment, so if your shoot is the first stop on your visit to Salem, be sure to include time to make it to the studio.

You can always avoid traffic and parking during October by taking the MBTA Commuter Rail or the Salem Ferry, both of which are in walking distance to the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall and Witch Pix. Learn more about planning your travel into Salem here.

Witch Pix Costumed Photo Shoot Witch Cottage Set

Choose your favorite set

Witch Pix features a variety of sets and backgrounds to fit whatever shoot you have in mind. You can browse additional photos of each theme on their website to select your favorite when you book.

Their Olde Salem Village set channels 1692 Salem with a 1,400 square ft. 17th century cottage, 8 ft. tall tree, and cast iron cauldron.

The Witch Cottage set has potions, herbs, and spell books at the ready to inspire an enchanting shoot.

For something classic Hollywood, consider Magick Avenue, adorned with two mural backdrops where you can pose atop a 7ft. long broomstick by a full moon or summon your intuition around a crystal ball.

Witch Pix Costumed Photo Shoot Olde Salem Village Set

Embrace your inner witch with Witch Pix’s costume selection

Witch Pix has over 300 handmade costumes in their collection, so there is sure to be something on the rack that will fit your unique style. The talented crew at Witch Pix can create glamourous looks inspired by Hocus Pocus, along with steampunk styles, goth dresses, capes, and accessories, and more.

The staff at Witch Pix can bring our your inner witch and create a look for your photo shoot you’re sure to love. Plus, their costumes are super high quality and come in all sizes and colors that fit right over your regular clothes making dressing up quick, easy and fun!

Show off your favorite Halloween costume

Being October in Salem, you may already have a costume in mind. We love the way the costumes that Witch Pix provides photograph with their sets, and the unique visions they can create that you would not get outside of the studio, but the staff are also happy to work on your shoot in a costume if your choice!

Witch Pix Costumed Photo Shoot Olde Salem Village Set

No experience, no worries!

You don’t need modeling experience to leave Witch Pix with a set of photos you love. Witch Pix’s experienced photographers will guide you through the entire session, helping with poses, props, and finding all the best angles to show your good side in every photo.

In the end, you’ll have photos showing off five poses to choose from in four camera filters (Color, Black Noir, Autumn, and Kansas). Each member of your party will also receive individual headshots in addition to the group photos.

Shop Witch Pix Cosmetix and gifts

Witch Pix has their own line of cosmetix (we love their lipstick!) Arrive early and purchase new makeup before your shoot or pick some up on your way out to use during the rest of your visit to Salem. You can also shop Witch Pix tank tops and accessories, plus costume items like capes and hats to continue dressing up in Salem even after you leave the studio.

Witch Pix Costumed Photo Shoot Olde Salem Village Set

Don’t wait until next October to come back

Witch Pix offers photoshoots all year long! If you opt to visit Salem earlier in the year instead or can’t quite make it during October, you can rest assured knowing that witchy photoshoots are available year-round.

During the winter months, Witch Pix even offers specials special ‘Awkward Holiday’ shoots to capture family photos perfect for creating fun holiday cards.

Know before you go:

  • Witch Pix and many Salem attractions and events can book up during October. Please make reservations at witchpix.com ahead of your visit to ensure you are able to make your photoshoot.
  • Bring  your cell phone (and make sure it’s charged!) while visiting Salem to use the Salem app and make reservations on the go, but please note that cell phone photography is not allowed while in the studio.
  • Costumes are worn over your regular clothes. Wearing a tank top is easiest for changing into costumes. (We recommend dressing in layers anyway during Salem Haunted Happenings as the weather can vary during fall in New England.)
  • Review Witch Pix’s website prior to your arrival for complete information on what to expect at your shoot. Confirm any COVID-19 questions with Witch Pix or any of the businesses and events you are visiting this October, and review this page for general health and safety information in Salem.
  • Finally, don’t forget to share your photos on social by tagging @witchpix!

Book your reservation online at witchpix.com and find the studio right downtown at 172 Essex Street. Questions? You can get in touch with Witch Pix at (978) 745-2021.

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