Take in Salem's past and present through film and learn everything from the history of Halloween to the facts behind the Salem Witch Trials.

“History of Halloween”
What is THE HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN? This great 3-D short film will entertain and inform you. 
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“Salem Witch Hunt: Examine the Evidence”
Explore the true causes and events behind Salem’s witchcraft hysteria in this 36-minute film. Learn more about Salem’s dark history on our Myths & Misconceptions...
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Spirit of Salem
“The Spirit of Salem”
A great introduction to the incredibly rich and interesting history of Salem. ♿  
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“The True 1692”
A 3-D film which tells the true story of the Salem witchcraft hysteria of 1692. 
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Cinema Salem
Come visit Cinema Salem, the North Shore’s friendliest movie theatre, featuring first-run films, foreign and independent films, and the Cinema Café a comfortable and relaxed full-service...
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