Join Debra Lori at Omen & Hex for a Salem Psychic Reading

Hoping to peer into the future with a psychic reading during Salem Haunted Happenings? Whether you’re seeking guidance for a specific area of your life or just curious about what the future holds, Salem, Massachusetts is home to a number of psychics who specialize in everything from tarot to palm readings, séances, and more. I recently met with Tarot Card Reader and Psychic Medium Debra Lori at Omen, and am excited to share my experience and tips for booking your reading this October.

Debra Lori Salem Psychic

Debra was born and raised in Salem, where she is an Alexandrian Priestess in a local Coven. She first began noticing she had psychic gifts as a child, and after her father passed she felt drawn to the After Life and began exploring her gift more to better understand how it could be used to help others. Motivated by this desire to make a difference in the lives of others, Debra made a career change and is now a full time reader at Salem’s Hex and Omen.

While I met Debra at Omen, she is also available for readings at Hex (and virtually over the phone or on Zoom.) If you are booking a reading in person, I recommend arriving early to check in and spend some time browsing the shop. Omen is fully stocked with books on witchcraft both the practice and its history, crystals, herbs, and a huge selection of tarot cards if you are looking to dive into readings yourself.

When it was time for my reading, I sat down with Debra (behind a curtain for privacy from the rest of the shop) but next to a window looking onto Essex Street. Even though my reading was in August, I imagine the atmosphere of the pedestrian mall during Salem Haunted Happenings would make for a uniquely Salem experience.

Debra started my reading by asking if I had any specific questions or areas I’d like her to look into. Truthfully, this was only the second psychic reading I’ve done, and I wasn’t sure what area would be best to focus on (I also wondered if I would be missing out on some part of the experience if I didn’t have a specific question for the future in mind.) I shared this thought, and Debra suggested we pull 12 cards to start with so she would see an overview of where I was currently at in life and we could go from there.

The cards we pulled covered a variety of areas, including my relationships, career path, and financial outlook, and thankfully right from the start it looked like there was a lot of positivity to come in my future. After covering some of the basics, Debra had an understanding for my present and she began to look deeper into the future. She even pointed out some very specific events I’d be experiencing soon (and as of this post, some have already happened!)

Books on Tarot, Omen, Salem MA


Once we had the framework for my future spread out on the table, we got into some deeper specifics to help make sense of some of the cards we had originally pulled. Throughout the entire reading, Debra also spent time pointing out trends in the cards and explaining what the cards themselves meant (both to me individually, but also in general when they come up during a reading.) Her explanation of the cards was really helpful as I’m not very familiar with the Tarot at all, so getting their context for my life alongside their traditional meanings really helped me to make sense of it all.

Debra finished up my reading by taking a closer look at the next five months. I was pleased to learn that for the most part it seems like the immediate future will continue some of the positive trends we saw earlier on in the reading, but she did see a small hiccup coming up in December, so I will be keeping an eye out for that when the time comes!

Omen Salem, Journey of the Tarot

After my reading, Debra showed me Omen’s hallway featuring The Journey of the Tarot, and the séance room. The Journey of the Tarot covers the walkway between Omen and the interior of the Witch City Mall, and features large scale versions of tarot cards. I highly recommend stopping to take a look, as I especially enjoyed the closer view of the art on the cards after I had learned more about their meanings during my reading.

In the séance room she shared how interactive the experience can be with messages sometimes coming through for one person by someone on the other side of the room. It was also fascinating to hear her thoughts on what it is like to be the medium communicating during a séance, and how much she enjoys doing them because they give her an opportunity to really help people from around the world in such a unique way. If you are interested in participating in a séance this October, you can find out more about nightly séances at Omen here.

Book Your Reading:

Book a reading with Debra by contacting either Omen or Hex (both located on Essex Street in Salem). In addition to individual tarot readings, she is also available for group readings, and mediumship sessions.

Omen: Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium 
184 Essex Street, Salem
(978) 666-0763 |

Hex: Old World Witchery
284 Essex Street, Salem
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