Salem Haunted Happenings COVID-19 Information

Click here for COVID-19 information for visiting Salem outside of October.

The City of Salem and its business community are working hard ensure the safety of visitors and employees.  Please help keep Salem safe by following CDC guidelines and staying home if you are not feeling well, wearing a mask, and washing your hands frequently.

Mask Requirements

Effective August 23, 2021, the City of Salem requires masks to be worn in all indoor public areas. Salem’s mask requirement is currently in place through November 13 pending public health data. Massachusetts requires masks to be worn while on public and private transportation (including trains, buses, ferries, taxis, and ride shares, and while in stations) and while in healthcare settings. Find more information on the City of Salem’s COVID-19 response at and review the mask mandate from the Salem Board of Health here.

Capacity Restrictions

There are currently no restrictions on capacity in Massachusetts, unless set by individual businesses. Confirm capacity limits and reservation requirements with individual businesses ahead of your visit.

Travel Restrictions

There are currently no travel restrictions for visitors entering Massachusetts, however the state recommends that people follow CDC guidelines for travel.

October 2021

If anything changes for October 2021, we will update this page. Prior to travel, please confirm hours and availability with individual businesses, and note that online reservations are recommended and may still be required in some locations.

For more information on visiting Salem prior to October, visit

Click here to view FAQs for Haunted Happenings 2021.

We are cautiously optimistic that October will be a fun celebration of fall and Halloween in Salem, and we are prepared to make modifications if needed to ensure the safety of residents, employees, and visitors.

Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for additional updates and links to ways to enjoy Salem throughout the summer as we all get ready for October 2021.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  1. I’m looking for a catalog of your witchcraft items if you could give me a summary or direct me to where I might be able to purchase items

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  3. Hello, we will be visiting the second week of October. Are costumes allowed while out and about? Thanks

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    Of course! We love seeing costumes all month long. The only thing that is not allowed with costumes would be any weapons, real or fake. Enjoy your visit!

  5. Hoping and praying we will still be able to visit this October and experience a real Salem Halloween. It feels like Covid will never end… will outside guests be required to show proof of vaccination when entering the city? Or to go into local businesses/ restaurants /attractions ? No problem with this of course, just curious.

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    We do not expect any regulations from the city for October with the exception of masks being required indoors in public spaces. If anything changes, we’ll update this page. Individual businesses may have their own health/safety guidance though, so we recommend confirming details with the events you’re attending before your visit.

  7. It’s hard to see the event calendar on my computer with the way it’s formatted. What music/performances will be happening for Halloween night? I would love to attend live music that night 🙂

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    The calendar was recently updated, so you may need to clear your cache and refresh the page for it to load properly. We don’t have the live music on the calendar for Halloween night yet though, we’ll add it as soon as we have the details!

  9. So as of now it will be a true Salem Halloween?! It’s always been my dream to bring my son and let him trick or treat. We are all vaccinated and completely on board with masks. Just want to make sure it won’t be a let down! Also can you tell us the best places to go for actual trick or treating and must do’s while we are in town?

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    There will be vendors this October! The Haunted Biz Baz Street Fair and Haunted Happenings Marketplace will be on Salem Common this year, and there will be additional vendors and programming in other locations around town including Derby Square and Charlotte Forten Park.

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    The only update from the City for this October is that masks are required indoors. We think anywhere in Salem is great for trick-or-treating! For must do’s, it really depends on your interests. For October, we recommend starting with our events calendar and planning museums and attractions, shops, and restaurants around the events you’re interested in that take place at set times.

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    The Salem Waterfront Hotel and Salem Inn have larger suites, or you may want to look into renting a full bed and breakfast if available. If you are looking for a large room block, the Salem Waterfront Hotel, Hawthorne Hotel, and Hampton Inn have the most rooms. You can find a full list of places to stay here.

  13. Do they only allow so many people into the town on Halloween day? We fly into Boston Saturday the 30th getting in at midnight and planned to get up early Sunday the 31st (our anniversary) to spend in Salem but are being told they limit the amount of people allowed into Salem. Is this true and what time Sunday should we head in if it is true? We are unable to find accomodations anywhere in Salem for when we are going to be there.

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    There is no limit for people entering Salem on Halloween, however we recommend arriving early to make the most of your visit. Individual attractions or events may have capacity limits or sell out if you do not have advance tickets but there is no limit on people entering the city. We recommend taking public transportation into Salem on Halloween to avoid traffic and searching for parking. If you are coming from Boston, you can get here via the MBTA Commuter Rail on the Newburyport/Rockport line or the Salem Ferry. If you must drive, garages and lots downtown that weekend tend to fill up before noon.

  15. We’re coming in on 10/30 staying at the Wylie in Beverly as we couldn’t get accommodations in Salem. I plan on taking my son trick or treating in salem…will the main street business’s be open and handing out candy or is it better to go into surrounding residential neighborhoods to trick or treat? What is the best residential to trick or treat in salem?

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  17. So we are looking at going to Salem for our honeymoon! Is everything still ago with the haunted Halloween festivals? Covid Restrictions still the mask mandate indoors? Also, any recommendations on a hotel?

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    Most everything is still on for this October! If any events change, we will note it on the calendar. The only covid restrictions currently are masks required indoors and while on transportation. We have a list of places to stay in Salem and regionally here.

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