Witch Pix takes their photography to new heights!

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Witch Pix has set a standard of professionalism in Salem, MA when it comes to luxury photography experiences. You may be familiar with their high-end line of capes, hats, wands, and more, or maybe it’s their impeccably curated set designs that drew you to them. Whatever the catalysts may have been, one factor remains the same, whenever Witch Pix takes on a new development, they make sure to bring it to fruition at the highest level. This is most certainly the case with their latest project, Magick Broom. The concept involves the intersection of Witch Pix’s high-level photography with the merger of modern-day Green Screen technology and OPENS this WEEKEND!!  (launch dates Sun Oct 29 – Nov 1)

Image by Witch Pix

Witch Pix draws you closer to the allusive flight on a broom across the skies in a comfortable and approachable way. When it comes to the use of AI in modern day photography it’s easy to become overwhelmed or even led astray with its plethora of uses. The team at Witch Pix’ s has created an all new immersive backdrop that goes beyond the classical sense of a tangible photo studio set. The Magick Broom experience sets the stage with a green screen backdrop, and even the use of a green screen broom (which can be seen below in use by owner Hope Hitchcock). These two features seamlessly blend together to transport the photo subject into a world of magic and wonder. Witch Pix humanizes the AI experience and brings you into their digital world, in a comfortable and approachable way.

Image by Destination Salem

If you are looking for a classic photo shoot experience, don’t fret! The eclectic selection of costumes, accessories, and prompts that are beloved by many are still a staple of the Witch Pix experience. Hitchcock explains that “the team isn’t looking to remove the nostalgic backdrops, or experience that returning customers have had in the past”. She continues on to explain that “we are enhancing the offerings that we had before, but now with a number of magical worlds to transport yourself into”. Witch Pix has taken on this new project with passion that can be felt in each preset package that is available for purchase. 

Image by Witch Pix

This new experience is tailored to the solo-witch that is looking to take to the sky on their broom! Because the process is that of a detailed one, the team looks to make sure that every photo shoot is taken with the utmost attention to detail. The skilled photographers will guide you through hand position, where to place your feet on the broom to best highlight your flight through the sky, and even how to position your body to truly transform you into motion for their static images. This exclusive intimate photo shoot experience will only be offered on a special schedule at the Witch Pix studio, 172 Essex Street. Each preset photo package will offer a varying aesthetic and vibe whether you are a witch of glitter and light, or you lean more towards the dark and angsty. 

Image by Witch Pix

As always, Witch Pix is still available for their loved-by-all photo shoot with set drops including their new Burying Point and Cemetery backdrops. If you are planning a visit to Witch Pix make sure to plan ahead and book an appointment online through their website WitchPix.com or by giving the studio a call at 978-745-2021. Walk-ins are always welcome, but to secure your spot you can always book in advance. Make sure to keep an eye out for their next big innovation that will take you on a journey through the Salem, MA sky and beyond!

MAGICK BROOM bookings available Sun Oct 29 – Wednesday, Nov 1 @ witchpix.com