The Salem Haunted Magic Show delights and terrifies with an evening that is truly memorable

Upon first meeting Chris, that star and integral piece of the Salem Haunted Magic Show, you get the feeling that you are having a conversation with a good friend. His kind and welcoming demeanor puts the audience at ease for a night of laughs and shock as Chris guides you through a magic and mind reading packed show. Taking your seat as a part of the audience while waiting for the show to begin, you become a part of the electric atmosphere that swirls around the room. The stage is set and music plays while laughter and excited whispers bounce around the crowd. 

Chis takes the stage, immediately making the crowd laugh with his approachable and witty sense of humor. He explains that the first trick of the show is just that, a trick. He takes out a bag of broken glass and invites a member of the audience to carefully check that the broken pieces are real. The glass shards pass the test, and Chris takes his first steps onto the pieces shifting his weight to allow the audience to hear the shards crunch under his bare feet. He calmly explains to the onlooking faces of horror, that the trick that he just performed has been a staple in the magic community for years, and that throughout the evening he hopes to excite us with a new twist on magical through the theme of Nightmares. 

The show is currently in its 11th season with new and fresh themes and acts being explored each year. At the beginning of the show Chris asks the audience to think about a nightmare that they have had. Engaging the crowd and making each individual feel that they are a part of the show with participation encouraged. The show is full of shocking and mind twisting moments that leave you asking yourself the big question “How did he do that”! 

A moment that stands out from the rest of the evening is when Chris called on two audience members to come onto the stage and tie him up with a rope for his next act. As the two participants walked around him attempting to tie him up, Chris made jokes about the quality of the work that they were doing. The entire audience was rolling in laughter as Chris encouraged them to tie the knots a bit tighter. The two left the stage, but before they did he easily stood up removing the rope from his arms and giving them each a hand shake. This balance of magic and comedy throughout the show keeps you on your toes, but also allows you to relax and enjoy the evening in a fun and open atmosphere. 


The Salem Haunted Magic Show is an interactive, theatrical magic & mind reading performance with a focus on bizarre real-life happenings, scary ghost stories, and impossible magic, illusion and mind reading all live on stage! Our show is all-ages but is definitely NOT a kid’s magic show.

Order your tickets in advance as we will likely sell out most shows! Tickets are also available on-site at our box office in Salem. WE DO NOT REQUIRE A NEGATIVE COVID TEST TO ENTER OUR THEATER AND MASKS ARE OPTIONAL.