Insa’s “Haunted Harvest” Celebrates Halloween and Its Connection to Healers & Witchcraft Throughout October

October 15, 2021

This October, Salem cannabis retailer Insa is celebrating Halloween and its connection with healers and Witchcraft during their special Haunted Harvest event!

Taking place through October 31, Insa’s Haunted Harvest offers an immersive experience celebrating the season while offering remembrance for those accused of practicing Witchcraft throughout history. The local cannabis shop will be themed to a haunted forest, drawing guests in with a 20-ft. spider crawling down from their roof and paths of overgrown trees as they enter the space. The interior of the store will immerse guests in a forest filled with earth elements promising a multi-sensory mystical experience while they shop.

Insa co-founder Pete Gallagher shared some of the inspiration behind Haunted Harvest saying that,“There’s a centuries-long history of healers, who used plants and herbs to promote wellbeing and cure ailments, being accused of witchcraft. In Colonial America and Eu-rope, healers were looked at with skepticism, bigotry, and fear– not much different than how some people still dismiss the cannabis industry today. Thankfully the likelihood of being burned at the stake has decreased, but by recognizing the past, we can go for-ward and help break down some of the unwarranted stigmas that are still attached to using cannabis.”

He continued, “By hosting Insa’s Haunted Harvest, we wanted to bring that story to life in an engaging way. And with our retail location in Salem, MA what better City is there to welcome consumers interested in the intersection of natural healing and witchcraft?”

Pete and the friendly staff at Insa also wanted to ensure that while the Haunted Harvest offers Halloween fun for adults local to and visiting Salem this month, the experience should be a positive one. “Shopping at dispensaries can feel intimidating. Stuck in lines, no chance to browse or ask questions, the setting can be a big barrier blocking some people from learning about cannabis and how it can make their day better by helping with sleep, providing anxiety relief, focus, or relaxation,” shared Insa co-founder Pat Gottschlicht. “We’re redesigning how cannabis customers shop at retail and interact with our products and our team here in Salem and at our other locations in Easthampton and Springfield. We hope people come to Insa’s Haunted Harvest asking questions and leave learning something new and exciting that will improve their lives.”

Insa has offered successful in-store transformations to create unique shopping experiences for visitors in the past, and this year’s Haunted Harvest is sure to live up to expectations. As for products offered during the event, the shop will feature its first full line of seasonal products all focused on the New England harvest season (think pumpkins and freshly picked apples!)

Insa’s edibles are all made with the finest quality ingredients by their Chef, Julian Rose, and the seasonal varieties available during Haunted Harvest include pumpkin pie caramel crumble chocolate bars and caramel apple gummies made with real fruit.

Haunted Harvest runs daily throughout the month of October at Insa’s Salem location at 462 Highland Ave. Free shuttle service is available from downtown at Bit Bar (278 Derby Street) during the weekends of October 23-24, and 30-31.

For more information, and to stay up-to-date with everything Insa Salem, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts for adults 21 years of age and older. Learn more here.