20 Things Under $20 During Salem Haunted Happenings

August 31, 2018

Please note, this post has not been updated with changes related to COVID-19. We recommend contacting individual businesses to confirm availability and downloading the Salem App for the latest updates.

Salem Haunted Happenings includes events to fit every age, interest, and even price range. Learn 20 things to do this October for $20 or less, and view all of the festivities on our events calendar.

Things to Do:

1. MBTA Commuter Rail Ticket ($5-15)

Avoid traffic and parking fees by driving into Salem on October weekends by taking the MBTA Commuter Rail instead. The Salem stop on the Newburyport/Rockport line is located right downtown in walking distance to everything. Tickets start at $5 one way, and go up to $15 round trip during the week. Weekend tickets are just $10 for unlimited travel through all zones!

2. Imprisoned! 1692 with Essex Heritage ($13) (not available in 2020)

New for 2018, Essex Heritage hosts Imprisoned! 1692, where you can experience the horrors of the Old Witch Gaol (jail) at the actual location where many of the accused were held during the infamous trials. Advance ticket purchase recommended.

3. Haunted Harmonies Evening Concert ($10-15) (not available in 2020)

Haunted Harmonies is returning for its third year with a day of street singing, a vocal group competition, an evening concert featuring HIVE, and more! Groups perform downtown throughout the day and the event is capped off with a professional concert the evening of October 5 with a $10-15 entry fee.

4. Film Screenings with Salem Horror Fest ($13) (virtual in 2020)

Salem Horror Fest presents film screenings, parties, music, panels, celebrities, and more October 4-14, 2018. Ticket prices vary by event, but individual screening passes cost only $13 (or $20 for a double feature). Check the event schedule online and get your tickets for classic films like Rosemary’s Baby, Witches of Eastwick, and more.

5. Salem Night Tour ($15)

Join Salem’s nightly “Haunt and History Tour” and hear tales and legends along with the history of the Salem Witch Trials. Order tickets online in advance and learn why Salem is one of the most beloved, historic, and haunted towns in America.

6. Salem Trolley ($18)

Take the Salem Trolley and learn 400 years of Salem’s history in a narrated tour. Stay on for the whole tour or use the trolley to hop on and off throughout the day. Tickets are $18 for adults, $17 for seniors, and $8 for children ages 6-14.

7. Myth, Magic, Madness, and Mayhem Tour at Gallows Hill Museum/Theatre ($14) (not available in 2020)

Join guide Samra, (a 1692 Witchcraft trials descendant) on a walking tour as she brings the magic and mayhem of the Salem Witch Hysteria to life. Hear vibrant stories of Salem Town and Salem Village, and travel to 1692 then back to the present to discover Salem’s Halloween lore. Be wary, there may be a few ghosts along the way, so bring your camera!

8. Tours of the Salem Art Gallery/Satanic Temple ($12) (by appointment only in 2020)

Visit the Salem Art Gallery/Satanic Temple and view the breathtaking 8/12 ft. tall bronze statue of Baphomet in a Victorian home that once served as a funeral home. Tickets are $12 and children 12 and under are free.

9. Black Cat Tours’ Ghostly Night Tour ($15)

Join Black Cat Tours on a Ghostly Night Tour and experience some of the most haunted sites in Salem. Try to catch a ghost with your own camera and learn about famous gothic horror authors who were inspired by real events in Salem.

10. Witch Dungeon Museum ($10)

See an award-winning reenactment of a witch trial followed by a guided tour through a recreated dungeon. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for children ages 4-13, and $9 for seniors 65+. Ask about combination tickets save $8.

11. Spirit of Salem Film ($7) (not available in 2020)

Get your tickets to the Spirit of Salem film and get an introduction to the incredibly rich and interesting history of Salem.

12. Moon Witch: A Live Performance ($15) (not available in 2020)

Immerse yourself in folk magic and moon lore with this live performance at The Witchery. Features original music, performance art, spoken word, video & ends with a one-card tarot reading for all, and advance tickets are $15.

13. Visit the Altars at Hex & Omen (Free)

Visit the ancestral altar at Hex, where you can leave a message, an offering, or both to loved ones on the other side. The Witches of Hex complete the magic by burning the messages in a special ritual twice a year. At Omen, leave notes for those who need healing, and the Witches of Omen meditate over these names to send them healing light!
HexWitch.com | OmenSalem.com 

Things to Eat:

14. Tetris Tots & Craft Beer from Bit Bar ($16)

Bring $20 to Bit Bar and enjoy an order of Tetris Tots with a local craft beer for about $16. You’ll even have some cash leftover to get some tokens for the arcade!

15. Live Music & Award-Winning Cocktails at Opus ($5-20) (no live entertainment in 2020)

Opus Underground hosts weekly live music nights featuring musical acts like Moby Dick, a Led Zeppelin cover band, the Eli Cash Band, and more. Cover fees range from $5-10, leaving you with enough cash to order a specialty cocktail while spending less than $20.

Things to Buy:

16. Witch City Wicks’ Halloween Collection ($18)

Witch City Wicks creates handcrafted soy artisan candles right here in Salem! Some of their most popular items are pieces from their Halloween collection which includes scents like Poison Apple and Pumpkinhead. Shop on Essex Street while downtown or order online.

17. Chakra Healing Oil Blends from Circle of Stitches ($15)


The Chakra Healing Oil Blends from Circle of Stitches are handmade in Massachusetts by The Cyprus Cabinet. These aromatherapy roll ons are infused with crystals to soothe the qualities of each chakra. Available instore and online.

18. Witch Pix Lipstick ($16.92)

Witch Pix offers specialty lipsticks in multiple colors with three new shades debuting this fall. Located right on Essex Street, stop in the studio to check out all of the options, including the “Too Wild” Orange shade for $6.66

19. Witch City Mugs from HausWitch Home + Healing ($13)

Pick up a 14 oz. ceramic camper mug from HausWitch featuring the shop’s “Witch City” design. They make a great souvenir to remember your visit to Salem, and the perfect coffee cup, tea mug, or soup bowl!

20. Harbor Sweets Sweet Temptations ($11.50)

Visit Harbor Sweets and pick up one of eight varieties of their most loved, classic chocolates as well as seven varieties of Dark Horse Chocolates. Stylish new boxes featuring gorgeous colors and graphics make these a great gift!